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CHILDCARE TUITION AGREEMENT - Tuition Agreement for Childcare Providers and Parents {INSTANT PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD}

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Providers will tell you parents (heck people) don't read! 

What does that mean?

Well in a lot of cases it means that even if you have the most detailed, clear and concise childcare contract out there, the chances are most of your clients won't even read it.

People tend to skim large documents like contracts and therefore miss a lot of the content in those documents.  Which is why years ago I decided I wanted to call attention to specific information regarding the payment of childcare fees. 

And so I came up with a separate form specifically to explain how the childcare tuition was to be submitted.  I have now revised the same payment procedure that I use in my own business so that you can use it too.

The use of a Childcare Tuition Agreement can be very helpful in clarifying the how, when and what happens if - about childcare tuition payments. This plug-n-play agreement is great because it gives the parent all the information about ...

  • When payment is expected (day of the week)
  • How payment is to be made (accepted forms of payment)
  • What happens if payment is not received by the due date (penalties)

This Tuition Agreement is meant to be customized for your business needs (sample template included).  Can be used as an addendum to your contact and part of your enrollment paperwork.

Easy to use, just enter your payment specifications.  Includes area for provider and parent signatures.


The Tuition Worksheet was designed for the in-home childcare and independent daycare owner to use for their childcare businesses. This product may not be resold or used for commercial purposes other than those listed above.

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