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Childcare Tuition Payment Envelopes

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Receiving tuition payments on-time can be a struggle for childcare providers.  Especially cash payments, which can be quite awkward.

Without a system, payments could be overlooked or even misplaced.

After misplacing a payment (or two), I realized that I needed a payment box.  That solved where payments should be placed.  But some clients make cash payments.  I didn't want loose cash getting mixed up in the box.

So I created Childcare Tuition Payment Envelopes.

Just like at the bank, these Childcare Tuition Payment Envelopes provide a secure carrier for tuition payments.

They also provide an opportunity to remind parents when payment is due.  And even allow the provider to specify which weeks are to be enclosed.

Encourage your clients to make timely payments.

Using a specific tuition envelope increases the chances clients will notice (and respond) to your childcare payment policy.

At the same time using the envelopes present a professional process for your childcare business.

Encourage your clients to make timely payments.  Order these Childcare Tuition Payment Envelopes today.


Each 9.96" x 3.86" envelope is perfect for receiving cash or check payments.

Available in packs of 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 pcs.


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